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Any one heard from Phillip Smith???


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Just curious if anyone has heard from Phillip Smith. He lives in the near the area that was hit yesterday by the storms in Tuscaloosa Alabama. I tried to call his number but it was not working. I know that the power is out to the majority of the area so I'm sure the phones are out as well.

Prayers are with everyone effected by the storms.

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I just saw video shot from a helicopter over Phillips previous home town, Tuscaloosa. Holy crap. I hope he wasn't anywhere near the path of that tornado.

I also saw video of my sister-in-law's town of Ringgold, GA. They live on a hill overlooking the town. She slept through it, but her family watched the tornado level much of the town. Her kids' schools are just gone.

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Well the good news is I am OK. There is a lot of folks here that is not.

No power or phones and it took out one of the phone tower for the cell phones.

Small one about half mile above. I live in the upper part of the county, so I was 15 miles away from the main one.

I still haven't heard from my friends in the area it hit.

I am at McDonald's drinking coffee and checking the site along with emailing a report. I got to find a place where I can print it.

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Hi Phillip,

I'm glad to hear you are OK. I'd gone to bed last night planning to google you this morning and try to come up with a cell phone number to start trying. Woke up to good news.

Hope this is the last time this happens this year, and for the next hundred, thosefolks down there sure don't need any more of this.



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