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Keyed sash locks

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Call me rookie with 13 + yrs in the field.

I seen somethin' I never seen.

Dbl hung sash with keyed locks on the sash!

Also, contract specified that window hardware did not transfer with sale!

Forget the midnite pajama escape route. There were also storms in place!

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I still can't understand how such a product would ever have sold. Intruder from outside would be no better deterred from getting in if he needed a key to turn the latch. It could be useful, I guess, to keep your teenager from sneaking out in the middle of the night.

My brother actually made a rope out of sheets to sneak out his second floor window, after which he would roll the car away before starting it. The other brother helped a girlfriend sneak out and steal her dad's car, which they promptly took out and drove through a concrete block wall. Despite the odds, both brothers are still living.

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I've seen keyed window locks often enough that I added boilerplate to my report program to cover it.

One or more windows have a lock that requires a key or special tool to open it. This is a safety hazard because it may impede emergency egress. These types of locks should be replaced with ones that are readily opened.

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