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8 FLW homes on Fox News

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What I commonly hear is that Wright built beautiful buildings that leak. My nephew is an architect and loves to tell stories about the mistakes that Wright sometimes made as far as structural elements. The importance of his career is his influence on building design from an aesthetic standpoint and not structure. In a town near my own in a wooded area that is a state park is one of his houses. The living space is separated from the bathroom so you need to walk outside to hit the head, a real eye opener after 18" of snowfall. Just doesn't seem to make sense.

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When I was first there in the 70's, it was at it's worst; it literally looked like a sagging messy treehouse some kid had put together. That's only years, so it actually starting falling apart after about 15-20 years.

I briefly lived in a Usonian home in Kalamazoo, MI. Nasty, mean, cold little spaces. Not so visionary.

OTOH, I did a job the other day down next to the Robie House; awe inspiring and breathtaking urban architecture.

Back in the 70's, I house sat for the owner of the Chandler House, Wright's very first commission. That was pretty darn amazing; another urban residential miracle.

So, he's a complicated mix of stuff. Calling him the "greatest architect" just doesn't sit right, though.

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