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Odd configuration?


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I found a 220v double 15amp breaker in panel (15+15 = 30amp)

toggles factory fastened with metal clip.

top lug connected to red wire

bottom lug connected to black wire

single neutral and ground wire leaving panel with red and black

duplex outlet under kitchen sink

top of outlet connected to black wire and neutral white

ground connected

bottom of outlet connected to red wire and common ground, and seperate white.

bottom used for plug and cord to disposer

top used for plug and cord to dishwasher

no photos, new construction, muni inspected, the folks are not happy when I told them I have never seen this.

Anyone see this on a regular basis?

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Up until recently, all Canadian counter outlets were wired that way - 15 amp split duplex*.

The tab on the hot side of the receptacle is snapped off to separate the top from the bottom. On the neutral side of the receptacle, the tab is left in place, so one neutral connection supplies top and bottom.

Les, since each leg supplies only one receptacle, you have two 120 volt, 15 amp supplies there. They are tied together to reduce the chance of a shock, safety issue for Sparky.

The new rules (CEC 2006) allow 20 amp so that people can have unsplit GFCI outlets around the sink.

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Thanks John, guess I knew that, but in this area we have not seen the breakers tied together at the panel

thanks guys!

That's because it wasn't required until the 2008 NEC. Before that, the breakers didn't need a tie bar. Without a tie bar, it wouldn't have shown up on your radar.

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