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Hey Mike,

What happened to poor ole windy city Kurt?

Two days ago, he was listed as the number one top poster here. He was over 100 posts ahead of number two.

Now Paul is number one and Kurt has blown himself right off the chart. Since this new look is only 15 days old, that is really what you call "peaking early". [:-eyebrows]

Let that be a lesson to the rest of us. [:)]



I really liked that guy too.

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Sorry Mike,

That wasn't really a question. It was just an observation that I TRIED (and failed) to put some humor into. I thought that the others who may have seen what happened might smile.

By the way Mike, remember that conversation we had a couple of years ago about peaking early? Well I finally found the name of that doctor my friend told me about. Still want it? [^]


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Hey George, I'm still here.

I was mildly embarassed in being listed w/ so many posts, & it might be confusing to anyone wishing to email me, i.e., which Kurt do you send messages to?

I'm more comfortable being "in the pack" of regular users, than as someone who has 3 times more posts than anyone else, plus there was the double listing which was confusing. I asked Mike to nix the old Kurt.

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Hey Kurt,

I believe that I know exactly what you mean.

I felt mildly comfortable posting myself having someone so far ahead.

Hope you are having a great time. Somehow I just I know you are. Looking forward to reading your reports. Especially on the new gadgets and software. [:-bouncy]


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