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You'll be happy to know....

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If you drink any brews from the Bud plant, they are asbestos free! [:-monkeyd

This summer I was able to take a trip with my wife, and her parents. From here (KY) to Vegas and back. 4600 miles, and a few thousand pics and memories.

While on our tour of the Budweiser plant in St. Lou, I noticed all the pipes that carry the brew around the place had this large sticker on it. Thought you guys would get a kick out of it. I asked a few people there, but no one could answer why it's there.

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Did they have any stickers stating "Taste Free"?

(West coast beer snob)

While I'll agree with you that the classic Bud/Light beers are less than ideal, since Stella has acquired the company, they are OK in my book. I do love me some Stella.

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