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Is this EIFS?

Terence McCann

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It's making a comeback around here. It's been gone long enough that the installers are making all the same mistakes they did the first time around.[:-banghea

I really don't see the appeal, it's kinda like a sharkskin suit with a tee shirt and no socks. Tubbs was always better dressed than Crockett.

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Cement board stucco also uses a mesh but employs no XPS foam so it's not considered EIFS.

I differentiate between cement board and EIFS by pressing gently on a flat surface. EIFS deflects slightly, cement board stucco does not.

Many installations around here are cement board stucco with XPS foam for trim. The same mesh and top coat are used on both. Top coat is a polymer improved version of cementitious finishes.


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