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Still on the fence? IR... $100

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That's a good example of what the IR guys I've been talking to call a "Blob" camera. The Wahl and Ideal cameras are what they specifically mention when describing blob cameras. They say that the resolution is so bad that they don't give on much useful information.



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I wonder what they were looking at in the image shown? The resolution is so poor, I'd be afraid to make any call using that imager or Blob camera. I'm seeing discussions on other web sites of home inspectors using spot radiometers due to low cost, claiming thermal imagers are a crock.

Though a great supporting tool along with a moisture meter, I'd prefer a nice clean thermal image with back up data from a moisture meter to confirm a "leak".

I'm sure clients everywhere would be able to understand a clean image better then a blob, numbers or description of the concern as provided in the report.

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