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The silence is deafening

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Marc, buddy!

It might be time for you to go to the start button on the lower left of the screen and shut this sucker down for a while.

Maybe go to a movie, the beach, get a soothing mud pack facial or wherever your happy place is. Take a little Marc time.

You won't believe some of the crazy stuff going on away from here right now.

Things are bad. Real bad. They just inducted Deon Sanders into the NFL hall of fame for holding the all time record for avoiding physical contact.

See what I mean?

Take some time, brother. TIJ will be here when you get back.

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It's the middle of summer, Marc. Folks get really, really busy this time of year and they sometimes take their families on vacation for a few weeks at a time. Heck, even I've been way too busy to come onto here for more than a minute or two for the past week and I can tell you I haven't really been able to go anywhere.

It comes and it goes. I just did a "what new" and set it for one week back. Check it yout, you'll be surprised; there actually has been quite a few topics discussed.



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Yeah, I'm checking out soon to spend a couple of weeks in Ireland with the family. We're doing a whirlwind tour to spend time with as much family as possible. It'll be my (10 &12 year old) sons' first time over.

The thought of you in Ireland, immediately evoked the picture of Peter, of Family Guy fame, bonding with his dad in Ireland - The drinking contest ("Mhe.. Mhe.. Mhe.." ). [:D]

But, I guess that would not be likely with the youngin' along.

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