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"....of the people, for the people....."

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Just when it seemed that the worst of our economic woes were behind us, our National Leaders succeeded in sabatoging the progress for the sake of politics. Thanks a lot.

My favorite teachers in college were people that had successful professional careers and returned to teach what they knew and share their experiences. The worst teachers were the ones that went directly from being students to being teachers with no real world experience.

Regardless of political orientation, I think our country would be better if our leaders were required to work in the real world for a minimum amount of time, do their service as political leaders, and then have to return to the environment that they helped create. Nobody should be allowed to have a lifetime career as a politician and be insulated from the impact of their decisions.

This comment is intentionally politically neutral. No red vs. blue responses are allowed. Just venting my frustrations.

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I had an epiphany while in DC last month on our family vacation: there's so many dicks in Washington because they all feel compelled compete with the Washington Monument.

Perhaps the renovations currently being done on the reflecting pool will result in a more labial shape, to reflect the screwing we're all receiving.

In case you haven't noticed, we ain't their people.

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