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Georgia outlaws power attic ventilators


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Interesting news: The state of Georgia has outlawed the use of power attic ventilators in its newest energy code. You can download the document here:

http://www.dca.state.ga.us/development/ ... ve_001.pdf

Section 403.10 near the bottom of page 13 says:

403.10 Power attic ventilators. In new construction, power attic ventilators shall not be connected to the electric grid. Power attic ventilators connected to a solar panel are allowed.

Of course they still allow solar powered ventilators. But at least they're acknowledging that the power from the grid to run one of these things does not offset the energy saved.

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I hate 'em.

About a third of the ones I see no longer work. Another third or so has open splices from the original installation.

Once in a while you get the weird high pointy hip roof that would benefit from a power ventilator. But the rest of the time ridge/soffit combo will do the trick.

I really like the TechShield roof decking by LP. Everytime I've been in an attic that had that stuff installed it was 30 - 40 degrees cooler.

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