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FVIR Water Heaters

Douglas Hansen

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Just replaced the water heater, and the only thing available was one of the new FVIR types for only twice the price. I appreciate the fact that it is less likely to blow up from gasoline spilled on the floor, but since it's in the laundry room and I normally don't keep the lawn mower there, I was a bit less than thrilled at the opportunity to pay for this new "feature." Worse still, I've been informed that should the nice new safety features of my water heater ever activate, they can't be reset, and I'll get another round of the thrilling experience of replacing the thing.

Anyone know of a secret stash of old-technology water heaters?

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Hi Douglas,

I sure hope you've got a good makeup air supply to that laundry room. Clothes dryers can cause water heaters to backdraft something fierce and laundry rooms tend to clog the air inlets on the bottom with lint, making them reburn air and produce CO.



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I would be interested in knowing more about your tank experience.

Here, the Upper North America has not had the pleasure of this new technology. We expected it in June 2003, postponed to Jan 2004 and further push back to June 2004. However, I am quite familiar with the concept as I have been in contact with the distributor of Bradford White and have their literature et.

We are awaiting the other manufacturers to introduce their 'secret design' anytime now.

Firstly, what brand are you talking about?

I understand the Orange Box is selling a self destruct model, I was informed of this and could not believe my ears. Is it really true?

AND, what size have you purchased at what price difference.

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