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Main Water Line runs under footing

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One thing that happens... if you cut a ditch down a hill to the foundation of a house, you often create a channel for water to follow.

This is my exact problem- Water is following the pipes that run under the footing and water is springing up in the crawlspace. I read something about a sleeve, then you can add cement from the exterior, but I do not understand what kind of sleeve (DIYer). Can you help me please?

You can't just seal out the water. It's not a boat. You need to intercept the water and give it somewhere else to go.

What Jim may be thinking, if anyone could read his mind, [:-magnify is that you need to have a curtain drain dug across the property upslope from the house and under the waterline. Lay perforated pipe in there to pick up the runoff and carry the water around the corner of the house to a drainage area keeping it at least 6 feet from the foundation once you get past the house.

If you are truly DIY, wrap a length of perforated Big O pipe with landscape cloth. Tie the wrapper onto the pipe with pieces of the nylon cord they give you at the building supplier for tying down a load.

Slope the pipe in the ditch one inch every 4 feet. The drain pipe goes to the lower end of your property where it can empty into a pit full of rocks. Line the pit with landscape cloth.

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Water is always going to find a way in it has to be diverted. Nothing for us to fret about though recommend further eval. By licensed plumber and foundation contractor cover all bases.

In my area, plumbers and foundation contractors are the very last people that I'd recommend to address drainage issues. They simply lack the knowledge and expertise to understand the problem, let alone fix it. I trust exactly two drainage contractors in my area - they really understand drainage, they fix the problem, and stand behind their warranties.

Do you really have foundation people and plumbers in Ohio who can address these problems successfully?

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