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Enameled Steel Roofing

Jim Baird

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In our area, (NE GA), 29 ga. enameled steel roofing is a popular choice for houses, both new and existing.

I was called to inspect problems a homeowner had after having this roofing installed on a 35 yr. old FmHA house.

New panels were screwed directly to existing single layer of asphalt shingles on approx. 4 in 12 pitch hip roof with one hipped wing turned out to cover a front porch.

The roof looked OK from the outside, except for some swag on one of the hip ridges that probably pre-existed the metal.

Owner showed me photos of water streaming down the inside surface of one whole exterior wall. In addition, the inside surfaces of the plywood roof decking had become black, apparently from mold, though they felt dry to the touch.

Manufacturer's site I checked recommended furring strips over existing shingle roofs, but only as a "best case" scenario.

Contractor did eliminate two turbine vents from the house without replacing them, and soffit vents were in place but occluded by deep dish fiberglass batts.

The loss of vent looks to me like a reason for blackening of decking, but as for water streaming down outside wall I am at a loss.

I suspect that blown rain may be finding a way below tops of panels at hip ridges, and don't know the condition of the covered shingles.

Have any of you seen problems associated with this kind of roofing?

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There's a whole lot that can be going on there. Most of us have limited experience with metal roofs in residential construction. We call all shoot guesses at you as to what could be causing it, or you could go to the experts on metal roofs and let them take a shot at it.

Here's the link to the "Ask The Experts" forum at the Metal Roofing Alliance's website. Once you post your question and get some answers, how about sharing them with us?



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