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My new truck story continues

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My old Tacoma canopy (what you'all call a truck cap) is the wrong color for my new Ranger, but I know a guy that will paint it. But on top of that, it turned out to be 2 1/2 inches too long at the top, and 1 1/2 inches too long at the lower edge, with a curved arch in the front to match the curve of the Tacoma cab. Frustrating. I've spent about a month looking at canopy replacements.

Labor Day was a busy afternoon at the Hillbilly Garage. [:)]

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I've filled the seam with Bondo body filler on the outside and glassed it on the inside where my messy glass work doesn't show. I'm leaving the straight cut edge to match the straight lines of the Ranger.

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I needed the long ladder on Thursday, 1920's farm house, so gave the new rig a trial run. The plan is to paint it white.

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How well did the circular saw cut the fiberglass?

Blade on backwards, it makes a lot of noise. Masking tape helps to keep the gelcoat from chipping.

Actually, Jim, I learned the technique from customizing an old glass speedboat. I cut the fins off and shortened the cabin for better fishing. A few years ago, she made her final trip around the track behind an old junker at a demolition derby.

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