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Wood stove and water heater vented together

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G2427.6.10 (503.6.12) Marking. In those localities where solid and liquid fuels are used extensively, gas vents shall be permanently identified by a label attached to the wall or ceiling at a point where the vent connector enters the gas vent. The determination of where such localities exist shall be made by the code official. The label shall read:

“This gas vent is for appliances that burn gas. Do not connect to solid or liquid fuel-burning appliances or incinerators.â€

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Jerry - yeah, I know :-)

Bob - I think you're on to what I'm after, which is the reasoning behind the code.

If someone else has a great explanation of why, I'd be interested to hear. I hate telling my client "you can't do this because it's code." Instead, I said it wasn't safe... but I really don't know why, and come to think of it, I guess I'm really not sure it isn't safe.

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