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Showing my age

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Inspection the other day, young couple, 1st time buyers. Looking at a house from the 50's.

Looking through the bathroom, they opened the medicine cabinet and I asked them if they knew what the small slot in the back of cabinet. They didn't know so I told them that is where folks would put the razor blades out of their safety razor.

They said in unison 'Whats a safety razor?'

jeeez, I'm old

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Don't have the link, but there was a story a cpl of yrs back about a remodeler who found $300K that some guy had stashed thru that little slot and died with noone knowing.

When he offered to split it with the owner, she said, "Unh-uh, you get 10% max." They went to court, and the old guy's estate learned about it, and guess who got most of the money by the end?...the lawyers of course.

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