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Deer, the other white meat

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Chad, is that a neighborhood pest pet? A true albino, or is that one of the brown eyed genetic mutants from the army depot?

Dave, Good luck this year. Got my eight from last year back. I'm still a little sore from dragging him. He weighed around 185#. A fawn compared to an adult Kansas buck. It was late in the season. Wonder how much he lost chasing the girls around?

Rifle opened today and I'm too busy to hunt. Yay!

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When I was at Ft. Devens in 1979 - 1983 I heard stories about an albino buck up at Ft. Drum. Since then, I heard that there are now a bunch of his offspring running around on the military reservation, so it wouldn't be too surprising to discovered that some of his descendants have made it up around Chad's neck of the woods.

Don't know where I got these photos. I think someone here posted them here once.



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