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1922 brick veneer


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Hi All,

Been contacted by a client wanting to schedule an inspection with me on a 1922 2-story with original brick veneer on all sides. He advised there is noticeable deflection and rusted out ties that were disclosed by sellers along with a bid to fix that he believed was way too low (didn't ask the quote) and that didn't involved invasive exam prior to repair.

I advised him he should hold off on hiring me, and get a reputable brick siding contractor to evaluate it (including invasive exam) and get a good hard quote on full repair, because it is NOT going to be cheap, and has likely had issues for a long time.

He still wants to go ahead and hire me now too, even though I keep trying to get him to wait until after that.

Anyway, I'm trying to find some good websites to send him to to show what he will likely be in for, to make sure he can work out this part with the sellers before hiring me to come out unnecessarily if they can't get this resolved (he doesn't think the sellers will allow invasive evaluation).

Just based on what he's told me I think this veneer is going to have some huge issues. Here is a link to the home: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/6645- ... 4548_zpid/

Thanks in advance for any websites you can post that I can direct him to. Kevin

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Even though HI's may not be the expert in a given field of construction, sometimes real estate transactions require that HI's be the one who initiates the call for concern in writing. It gives the buyer actionable information upon which to make requests, or, in some cases to back out of a deal.

If he wants you, go for it. In these cases I tell them up front that I may not be able to conclude on issues, but rather bring them to the negotiation process.

My statement is based on knowledge of real estate transactions in my area. Of course, they could be different in yours.

By the way, my family is from Kansas. Dad from Greensburg and Mom from Mcpherson.

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Thanks guys. John, Greensburg looks like it's coming back nicely. I'm also a firefighter and one of the guys I work with is from McPherson. His family is still there I believe (seems like his dad was mayor or something quite some time back). Small world.

I am doing the inspection and made my concerns and limitations clear. It's in MO and there is no licensing, so I've seen times quite a few years back where just a certain component could be "inspected" by a contractor to get a bid in high cost issues, and could be used to allow a renegotiation, which is what I tried to get him to do in case the deal will fall through just on this (can't be sure it's still allowed though, as I stay as far away as possible from that whole end of it).

Oh well, I'll take the job and just type up the same recommendations I gave on the phone when I see it. Thanks again, Kevin

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