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roof slope riddle


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We designed and installed a TPO roof on a new contemporary residence. Because of aesthetic reasons we used 1/8" per foot for slope. The project utilizes interior roof drains and tapered insulation over steel deck and structure. The slope runs are all less than 30 feet and there is no ponding. The roof has performed as intended for 5 years, the structure was designed by an engineer for this slope. The residential building official for the city said that this was fine..." as long as the structure was design properly, the roof drains properly and the roof system was intended for the application, there is no minimum slope." Furthermore we understand that the 301.1.2 from the IRC 2000 supports this position. Does this roof meet code? Should there be any cause for concern based on the information that I have shared?

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First off, do you think another 1/8" would REALLY matter? Do people have that ability to discern as little as 1/8": on a roof? The Code official is obligated to follow the written code. If he choses to wander off and make his own decisions that are so far above his pay grade, then it's no wonder in the past so many buildings have failed.

The Building Code should ALWAYS Prevail Unfortunately, it does not preclude stupidity, and it does not set itself up to argue ith professionals who are out of step with the code. There are reasons why 1/4" Per foot is in the code, and it's not to see how many people can ask for exemptions.

The reason code officials do things such as this is mostly due to unfamiliarity with the code itself, and why this design slope is incorrect.

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