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Just unreal

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I think it's great. After all, these folks endure some tough training, they're smarter than us, have nicer cars, and see themselves on a much higher level of the food chain than a bunch of bums that write about broken windows and other stupid shit that just causes another pain in their asses while trying to earn an honest living.

These folks should be offered that extra little bit of protection. They deserve it. They've earned it.

If I were them, I'd negotiate some of the flaming hoops out of the equation. Shouldn't take more than a phone call or two, a threat here and there, to get the cowering dogs who already allow them to wipe their feet all over them for a buck, to make necessary changes.

Maybe if we're really nice to them, they'll offer to help us out with things like how to write reports and some of the things they'd like to, or rather not see included in a report. Perhaps they could offer a little guidance with who should attend an inspection and when they should be there.

We probably shouldn't even be discussing this subject here. It might upset them. We wouldn't want that. They control our paychecks.

I think these guys are on the right track. We're not smart enough, and we're too scared to do anything different, so lets just keep kissing their asses. It's good for all of us.

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