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Redneck Tire Pump

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That's pretty cool.

Why do you think they discontinued making something like that? Seems like it would work great for inflating my dirtbike tubes while on a ride.

No, not while on a ride. You'd have to stop first. [:)]

I found one for you here.

http://www.stopngo.com/products/Engine- ... Lever.html

I take it you run the bike on one cylinder. On a one-lung bike, you kick it over by foot, 500 times. [:)]

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Hey, that's pretty slick, if you don't mind filling your tires with a combustible mixture of gas & air.

I have a 1949 8N that I still use. It has two tires with slow leaks and I really don't relish the idea of taking them in to be fixed. (They're filled with chloride.)

Long ago, I figured out how to put an oxygen regulator on a carbon dioxide cylinder and haul it around for filling tires. It's heavy but quick and handy. I've also designed a rig for carbonating drinks with it.

I don't think I'd like to carbonate a drink with your redneck pump.

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Hey now, don't go knocking our toys we use out here in these pastures. Those little gadgets kept America rolling for years and I bet there are thousands of them still scattered around, got one in the shop but haven't ever used it. My uncles did and as I remember they were awful slow. A gas powered air compressor on the back of the farm truck works much better.

I think in the morning I'll have to dig mine out and plug her in. See if the hose is still in good shape. Got chloride in the tractor tires here, but I could always air the air bubble up and see if it is full of fumes. Bet the grandson would enjoy it, not to mention my 2 boys. Thanks for the memory of a long gone time.

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Used those many many times back in the 60's for car, pickup and bike tires. It was ALL we had. Much easier to pop a spark plug on a 52 Ford pickup then to push your bike for 3 miles to the gas station to get air.

Sure, not ideal, but better than a long walk.

AND, the plug was readily accessible in that old beast.


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AND, the plug was readily accessible in that old beast.

Not at all like today's autos. My wife's 2007 Acura RDX was blessed with a failed battery cable this past Friday. To replace the cable the manifold has to be removed. 1/2 day later the bill was: $395.00

Certainly not like the old days.

Ain't that the truth. I'm surprised they don't just seal the hood shut - no user friendly parts in there.

Jim, the sparkplug compressor sucks fresh air thru the little gills on the side. The unit I told Brandon about looks identical. I'm sure they bought the original molds.

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