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Veterans' Day

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Today is a day that we typically honor those servicemen and servicewomen who've served our nation's cause in the armed forces.

Today, while you go about your daily business please take a moment to shake the hand of veterans that you know and thank them for their service.

Also, if you know of someone who as a civilian has served alongside our military as a contractor somewhere around the world, thank that person too; for, without that person filling vitally necessary roles in combat zones, roles that would otherwise need to have been filled by our military, our military readiness would have eroded and our casualties would have been much worse.

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A Vietnam vet, now attorney named Ben Cascio,who lives in my town rang the opening bell on Wall Street today as a reminder of Veterans Day. The story goes that while piloting a helicopter during the war he was shot through the windshield and took shrapnel or other debris in the eyes, eventually losing one. Temporarily blinded he landed the craft by feeling the gauges.

My father is buried at Arlington, decorated WWII vet. Lost several inches of his leg and hip from a German bullet. Lived to be 84.

I'll never forget Veterans day or Memorial day, they are the reasons we are able to celebrate the Fourth of July.

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My father-in-law was a gunner with the Canadian 14th Field Regiment. On D-Day, they were trapped behind bombed equipment that prevented them from getting off the landing craft. After about half an hour of hell, some heavy equipment made it to their position so they could get unloaded and underway. They reached a field and were getting their gun into position when a German mortar shell hit their ammo supply. He was wounded and carried shrapnel in his body for the rest of his life, but he was one of only two from his gun crew that made it back.

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