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Chrysler brand furnace

Jim Baird

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My very first inspection back in 1996 was of a 4000 sq. ft. 1904 stucco'd Italianate foursquare that had the original cast iron, wood/coal burning boiler that had long-ago been converted to burn first oil and later gas.

I've never seen a Chrysler brand though.



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I've seen Chrysler furnaces; at least a half dozen. They're behemoths; the heat exchanger steel is about 8 gauge, belt drive blower, etc. They don't rust out; they crack.

I was in a place about 12 years ago that had the original boiler from 1894; they were still burning coal in it. Don't ask me where they got coal. The old lady that had lived there inherited the building from her grandpa who built it, & she didn't do anything to it as she felt it was an insult to her grandpa's memory(?). It was fascinating; like a window back to the world as it once was.

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