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Friggin' Rain, Rain and More Rain

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Thought I'd gotten used to rain over the past 15 years but the crap that's fallen in the past twenty four hours is nuts. At this rate, western Washington is going to get so waterlogged that we won't need an earthquake - the whole western corridor is liable to slide into Puget Sound as one humongous landslide.

Think I'm going to add a rubber raft to the box with the jumper cables, flat fix and other emergency stuff in the baja.



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Yeah, it's been a soggy mess down here too. At this morning's inspection, my coat got so wet that I could wring it out -- and I had rain gear on over the top of it. My pants looked like I'd just waded through a river.

Walking on the 7:12 mossy shake roof with pouring rain and 35 mph gusts was a special treat.

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Now if we could figure out how to economically send some of that extra water to drought ravaged Texas we would heroes. Hey- at least it is not snow!

We would certainly welcome the rain. A nice slow rainfall for an extended time frame would be great.

But ... we have what we have (err .. don't have as the case may be).

Link to one of many stories about what is being revealed with the drying lakes around Texas and Oklahoma.

Ghost Towns appearing from dry lake beds

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