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I just discovered this site (which is kind of dumb because I've subscribed to JLC for about 15 years now) and they have tons of FREE online courses.

Hanley-Wood publishes JLC so I trust what they put out. Many of the courses already appear to be approved for AIA so I think they would pass muster with HI organizations and states for CE's. . . .

except for maybe. . . ahem. . . Washington State.

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Hi Randy,

It's possible to get them approved in Washington State, Randy. Produce two copies of a syllabus and lesson plans and submit an application along with $75 on behalf of Hanley Wood U to the state. Oh yeah, and before you do that, convince the State Attorneys General Office to buy off on the idea that online training qualifies as 'classroom' training. I've tried, they aren't having it, despite the fact the state has its own online University that even convers master degrees.



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No online CE in NY either. That's problematic, since there aren't any schools in my area. I'll be driving 75 miles one way to see Dr. Joe next week, and I drove nearly that far for a mediocre program in October. For my last renewal I had to drive 185 miles one way to squeeze in 12 hours at the last minute. If CE is going to be that much of a hardship, DOS is going to have to make some exceptions for programs like Hanley Woods or Certainteed CE.

I won't hold my breath though, the official position of the Bureau of Education is that DOS training isn't good enough to qualify for CEUs.

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