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Inspector Recommendation, Port St Lucie, Florida

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He has an impressive number of certifications but could not verify his status as a current certified member of ICC.

Agreed. There are only two "Alcorns" in the entire ICC database of "current" ICC certified folks. Neither of which are in FL.

He may have had all those certifications in the past, but it would appear he has not kept up with the required classes for maintaining the certifications. They renew every three years. I just renewed mine last month.

Also, according to ICC rules one is not allowed to have the ICC logo on their website, biz card or any such place unless one has paid ICC to become an "ICC Member". Now ... anyone can do such even if you don't have an ICC certification. Paying a fee to ICC to become a "member" lets you display the ICC logo.

If you are ICC certified you still "cannot" display their logo (officially) unless you send them the $$ to become an "ICC Member".

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