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Drywall-like Substrate for EIFS

Brian G

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I did a house today with EIFS on the front and chimney chases. When I was in the attic I noticed that the substrate looked like drywall...never seen that before (usually OSB around here). It was at the very least made like drywall, with paper encasing a hard, white chalky substance, and the words "water resistant" stamped on it. It wasn't green or anything.

Did any manufacturer use or allow such a substrate? What could it be other than some sort of wet location drywall?

Brian G.

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Brian, just about every EIFS manufacture allowed this type of substrate at one time. I have found it more on commercial buildings. Up in your area FL Craine & Sons would have done most of it from around 1993 to 1998 from what I have seen.

One major problem was the delamination of the foam from the substrate. If nails were used they pulled out of the gypsum sheathing, if adhesives were used the paper face would pull loose from the gypsum. The better gypsum used a fiberglass reinforced paper over the gypsum (Glass Mat).

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