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hidden mold / elusive air quality issues

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Hey guys - thought you might like an update. In the short term, I just kept on cleaning, airing out the house and so on. Allergies persist, although improved. I simply wasn't convinced I didn't have mold - although I didn't think I had serious mold. So I got a guy to do air testing (I know you're going to groan), but also to do a thorough inspection, visually. Lo and behold - he found mold. But, it was in two spots, not out of hand and I cleaned them up myself (he didn't try to sell me on it). The counts were not high, not only comparable to outside, but in general. Yet, I'm not crazy - these allergies are still with me and they are still, definitely house-induced.

Part of me thinks this could be the super dry humidity in winter / higher humidity now, bugging me. I.e., the house isn't circulating the air correctly and so on.

Which leads me to the question. Is there any credence in the idea that the envelope needs to be more correctly sealed? Lots of guys sell that service, of course. It would certainly help with energy bills - but does it matter otherwise?

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It could be some type of voc. You might consider having a test done. I Had a conversation with a mold inspector I know about something similar to this. He went to do the mold inspection and also did a voc test. Came back Negitive for mold but voc was off the charts. Turns out it was paint stored in the garage that was making her sick.



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Consider adding fresh air makeup to the HVAC system with an intelligent controller, if it isn't already there. The result is that indoor pollutants will be washed away and humidity will be moderated. One drawback is bringing allergens inside during hay fever season, so make sure you know where the override switch is. It's part of the ventilation system.

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