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Thermal Magnetic Breaker Settings

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This main disconnect has adjustable dials. What are they for and does a homeowner need any knowledge about their settings? Or do I for that matter?

I suppose they are for some sensitivity response to over loads but I'm guessing.

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I think the adjustment on the left is there for the factory to set the magnetic trip I(m), characteristics of the breaker to whatever it's supposed to be for that particular panel. This particular adjustment seems capable of reaching values of anything between 5 and 10 times the value of the thermal trip, I(n). I don't think it's there for the homeowner or even the electrician to play with. If you look at the label, it might tell you just what value of I(m) the adjustment is supposed to be set at.

I don't know what the adjustment on the right side is for. A better view might help.


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