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This is hard to believe.

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I understand both arguments about this case but I still rubs me wrong that nothing can be done when you're staring the obvious in the face.

For Goodness sakes, the man had a bloody chainsaw, you should be able to hold him until you decide whether it's rust, paint or blood!


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Originally posted by slinger2k

Guy is a real looker too (not that I judge people by appearances - but he's scary in every sense of the word).


Well, I judge people by appearances all the time, I admit it.

Be honest, if you were the border guard walking up to this bozo, would you hand not slip down and rest on top of your pistola while you quietly unsnapped the strap?

Another story stated that this guy had dried blood stains on his clothes. In fact, look at his left neck/shoulder area. Does that not look like blood or wound?

And another thing, the eyes of the run a way bride have nothing on this joker. [:-crazy] I mean, if nothing else, he just looks like he just got done whacking someones head off. (see, there I go again, judging by appearance...I'm really good at it) [:-splat] [:-skull]

I still get peeved when I think about it. We're too freakin PC in this country!! [:-banghea

It's beer thirty and I'm late...

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