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Th Realtors' Roof Refrain (Poem)

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This is another previous creation my ASHI friends at IW have already seen, so I'll post it in their absence.

refrain - 1. to abstain from 2. a recurring phrase or verse

The Realtors' Roof Refrain

I went out to look at a house,

The roof had been done by a louse,

A whole gang of defects lurked there,

And that's not to mention the wear

I wrote it all up in detail,

"Replace it" I said, "It will fail",

"The workmanship really is lacking",

"The only thing worse is the cracking"

The client and realtor were told,

The realtors' demeanor turned cold,

The smile that she forced was quite weak,

She shrugged and just said "Does it leak?"

© Brian A. Goodman 2004

"Does it leak?" Any of you fellas ever heard that one before? [:D]

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I have never heard that ever in the last twelve years of inspecting for realtors. Stakeholders just don't talk like that.

Now for the countless times that the inspection was not for a realtor wanting to buy a property, I think I heard this or words to this effect every time there was a POS roof.

Can we say POS on this forum? Come to think of it, I have not seen that word here.


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Here in rainy S. Florida I hear comments to that effect more often than not. Everytime I call for roof replacement because the roof has failed, is failing, will fail in the immediate future, is installed in a manner which is not consistent with the manufacturers specifications, is unsafe, is severely deteriorated, or has exceeded it's serviceable life The realtors say "the contract says the roof only has to be leak free". Since I'm not a party to the contract I repeat "replace the roof".


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