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Hey Guys,

I was looking into purchasing a home security systems to monitor my property. I travel a lot for work, so I am not around a lot and I want to be able to access my cameras from wherever work takes me. Does anybody have any suggestions on these types of systems?



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Tsk Tsk, Julia.

Julia is probably a 300 pound guy with a hairy back wearing nothing but his shorts sitting in front of a computer with a list of URL's in front of him. He needs to spend all day dropping those links onto sites around the net in order to get paid.

Jeez, how can I find a lucrative job like that and get rich too?

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I recommend that people check out Costco and consider buying a 4 camera monitoring system with a DVR recorder that can also be remotely accessed. It is only $299. Costco gives a three year warranty.

Click Here!

For that price why risk dealing with a faceless link dropper?

I have that system. The coolest thing it's done so far is capture our vehicles shaking when the east coast quake happened. The system was well worth the money. I can view the cams live from my iphone when I'm out and about. From my laptop I can access the DVR and search previously recorded events whenever I have wifi, which is mostly everywhere since my phone has tethering.

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