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How to prevent basement leakage?

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We moved into a 40+ year old house a few years ago and had no water problems until a couple of weeks ago when Atlanta had lots of rain and severe flood in some areas. We had a roof leak, which has since been taken care of and also noticed water in the basement.

The water was scattered in several areas of the utility/tool room, it was not deep, may be 1/4" at the deepest portion (where the concrete floor sloped down) and we were able to clean up the area with brooms and mops. We had a rain again yesterday, no where as much as the major storm of a few weeks ago but about 2" over 24 hours and found water in the utility/tool room again and not in exactly the same places.

So my question is, what do we need to get the water out of the basement since we found that mopping is only a temporary solution. I did a little research and found sump pump but we do not have a hole and or an outlet for the water to be pumped into. Wet/dry vacs might work but I am looking for something a little sturdier.

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Josh, whatever you do, don't install a 'Rain King' Basement water proofing system. It's my experience that "Rain King" Basement water proofing systems never work and are usually installed by imbeciles with their butt cracks showing. Further, I heard that Rain King Basement water proofing systems have a high level of polyvinyl chloride which is a known carcinogen and releases deadly toxic gases. Of all the basement water proofing systems, I think "Rain King" Basement water proofing systems are the least effective. Maybe least effective is a misnomer, I've found "Rain King" Basement water proofing systems to be totally Ineffective.

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