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Treated wood sources


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Does anyone have some info on the different types of treated woods and the proper fasteners to use?

I understand borate is less corrosive than the copper treated wood, but I'm having a dickens of a time discerning the two in the field. The tags on the ends are not usually visible and grade marks are being turned toward the foundation.

I see a lot of anchor straps nailed with regular carbon steel nails and I'll usually call this out under IRC 323.3. I generally hear "it's the new borate treated lumber so it's okay".

Anyway, some documentation would be helpful.


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This month's JLC had an article about yet another type of treated wood. It was listed in the section that is called something like: "The Best Products of 2005". The wood wasn't yet available on the east coast so it was a non emotional read for me and I didn't memorize the name of the product.

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The June issue of Frame Building News spotlighted treated wood. There were articles on CCA, the new treated wood alternatives and corrosion issues. It had articles on:

-Choosing the right treated wood

-Accepted uses for CCA

-Manufacturers' recommendations for mimimizing corrosion

-Guidelines for structural safety

-Research and Technology: Galvanized fasteners and corrosion in wood (Part II)

Go to http://www.framebuildingnews.com where you'll be able to access one of them without registering. For the rest you'll need to register for a free subscription and then you may be able to access them online. If not, call them and ask if they'll send you a back issue.



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Hi guys. New to the board. I am a truss, panel, floor designer(engineer)as my full time profession so I deal with this issue constantly and really can't get a definitive answer myself.

CCA process was replaced by ACQ. Here's the problem, the issue of proper hangers and fasteners is highly debateable. Long story short, 2 years ago there wasn't a hanger or fastener available that the ACQ wouldn't "eat" through or corode. I know this due to a litigation my parent company was involved in.

Speaking with an engineering representative of one of the largest hanger manufacturers in the country "what's being done about this?" He replyed, "We don't know what to do?" There was no solution at the time.

Since then, we've (my company) has been offered product solutions such as "double dipped galvanized" and the like. Our own testing shows improvement but still measurably greater than normal degredation with exposure to ACQ. The supplier says otherwise.

Personally I'd expect no less than a 15% loss in typical decking lifetime at best as an example.

It's possible I may have missed some things regarding changes in this the past year but I do know our supplier is shipping the same product.

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