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10 2 question

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IMO. it is technically correct. I would warn my clients that there might be a poor draft because of the higher roof and that would depend on the prevailing wind, the stove design and the quality of their firewood.

In other words. they could have a downdraft problem even though the chimney meets the min specs.

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I don't usually measure stuff, but chimney boy was there and said it was not up to code because of the 10 2 deal. So I went back up and measured when he was still inside and .... Thanks for the reply John.

Found a little deformation down inside. Around 12:45 on the circumference.

Click to Enlarge


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If it were brand new, I'd call it.

How old is that place - 20 years - 30? What were the rules used at the time it was built and who knows how the local code guy interpreted it back then?

If that is downdrafting, don't you think there'd be evidence of that - soot all over the top and cap of that chase?

10'2" to that vertical wall plane? Maybe it is borderline but I'd say it works. If I saw evidence that it has been an issue I'd call it.



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