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I have an old Williamson oil furnace, won't start

Doug Sampson

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That company is still in existence. They manufacture furnaces down in California. If you Bing them or Google them I'm sure you'll be able to pull them up.

I'm not so certain that if that unit is so old you can't make out the nomenclature that you should even be using it. Gas appliances are designed to last about twenty years and gas furnaces tend to develop holes in their heat exchanger thta can be caused by condensation of acidic exhaust gases. It might not be safe to use anymore if it's really old. Before you use it, consider having it looked at by an HVAC tech who can ensure the heat exchanger is hole-free and safe.




Whoops, just noticed that you said it was an oil furnace. Not sure if that's the same company or not.

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Sounds like:

1. bad igniter

2. dirty misadjusted igniter contacts

3. any wiring to above

4. worn dirty spray nozzle (no fuel vaporization)

DO NOT continue to reset and try to light! You already indicated that you have a build up of oil in the furnace, should it light while your playing with it you could have an explosion.

Best bet is to have a furnace technician repair and clean it.

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." Red Adair

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