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So, anyone done this before?

I had a client who was out of town insist on paying me via Popmoney. I would have waited until he'd returned home and gotten his invoice, but he insisted.

The process was a little confusing first time around but I guess that now anyone that wants to pay me through them can and I won't have the same difficulty as I did getting this first one to come through.

I suppose this is where we're going. Someday we'll be in a world of "credits" like they have on Star Trek where nobody uses cash anymore and we all walk around with little gizmos to send and receive money.

Crap, I hope I'm dead a long time before that happens. I have enough problems with gizmos as it is.



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Interesting. Turns out my bank has this Popmoney thing built right into their online banking. You need to register the first time, but it seems to walk you through that part. If I'm reading the Popmoney fees correctly, the total fee, no matter what the amount is $0.95. That either gets paid by the sender if they initiate the transaction or the receiver (you) if payment is "requested". Even if the latter, it doesn't seem like they have the same aversion the credit card companies have to tacking that fee onto the requested amount. However, I would probably just eat the small fee rather than bother asking for $600.95 (eg). All in all, it seems like a quick and easy way to get paid when the client isn't going to be present. Certainly a lot cheaper than the credit/debit card reader fees.

If I had a bunch more years left in me (for the job, not life itself...hopefully) I would sign up. But balancing my need (minimal to none) with my checking info being just that little bit further "out there", I'm gonna pass.

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You guys have Interac down there? I've had numerous clients pay directly with online bank to bank transfers via Interac.

Given that my bank is 30 miles east and most of my jobs are west, it saves me having to take a cheque to the bank. I send out the invoice a day or two before and I'm paid before I start my vehicle! Same with Paypal for people who want to use their creditcard.

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