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Need for speed? Subaru BRZ Available


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Yo, yo, yo,

For all of you that love driving, there will be a 2013 Subaru BRZ coming available. 6 speed manual, black on black.

These are sold out a year in advance. The only way you can get one is to order it and wait a year or more or get one where someone has backed out of a deal.

I had actually talked to the local dealer about trading my wife's BMW in on one. The guy at the dealership said, "Get in line. But since you've owned two Subaru's previously I'll call you first if we think we'll have a cancellation on a deal."

Of course, when I tried to get the KK to go look at one and she realized that her Beemer would go bye-bye if she wanted one, that put the skids on that.

Anyway, the guy just shot me an email to tell me one is coming available 'cuz someone's backing out.

These are a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru (Toyota owns 16% of Subaru) and they are sold as Toyotas, Subarus and Scions. They are Toyotas replacement for the Celica and Supra and Subaru's first foray into building a true sports car.



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Maybe sling the ladder underneath?

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I have a beef with Subaru. The wife's Outback has a 22" wiper on the driver's side. It gets whipping and eventually wears out a bushing on the wiper motor. That's all it needs, just a new nylon bushing.

Can I buy a new bushing from the Subaru dealer? Nope, you have to order the whole friggin wiper assembly, I think they cal it a transmission, and it ain't cheap, either.

Thankfully, we now have the internet. I found a guy that shares his repair story - buy the bushing for a Jeep Cherokee, trim it a bit with an Xacto knife, press it in. I bought a package of bushings for about $12, cheaper in the US.

Dorman's part no. 40445 or 40447. Fix your Subaru wipers in about 20 minutes.

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No doubt you're right. Absolutely no appeal whatsoever. Why would they bother to waste millions developing such a dog. And what's with those weirdos standing in line waiting to buy one, anyway, There's absolutely nothing appealing about them.

Wasn't really looking for commentary about the car. Was putting it out there in case someone here, like me, thinks they're cool, would like to get one but doesn't want to wait two years.

If there's anyone like that out there, PM me and I'll put you in touch with the salesman. Don't worry, I'm not trying to make anything on the deal. I will be jealous as hell though if you manage to get it and I have to continue to stable that damned beemer instead.



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