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Okay Honey, Try It Now

Brian G

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I found this service on a foreclosed house Saturday. It was apparently hit by a falling tree or limb sometime past, who knows how long ago (no signs that the event was recent). This is a keeper. [:-bigeyes

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Brian G.

The Electrical Service has Minor Distress and May Eventually Need a Few Repairs.... [:-blindfo

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Rednecks rule don't they!

That is truly amazing. When I see something like that, it just leaves me thoughtless for a moment and then the thoughts come trickling back in....who would do something like this?....what kind of mindset was that person in when they thought to do this....did they realize how much danger they were in?....if so, they must have gonads of brass...

You HAVE to send that one to the Reporter!

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That rig got the immediate WOW! reaction out of me, spectacularly reckless work. Just incredible. It's been there for a while too.

Sorry John, no seller to ask on this one (foreclosure).

You're reading my mind Donald, that one deserves to be immortalized.

Brian G.

Endlessly Amazed By the Folly of Man [:-boggled

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Originally posted by chrisprickett

Did you do the "tongue test" to see if it was hot?

No...for some reason that never occurred to me. I guess I could have peed on it to see if my "bulbs" lit up. [:P]

It was hot though. Hell it was working.

Brian G.

No Way I'm Frying the Sacred Onions [:-sour]

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Believe it or not, the meter was in (?).


SURE! [:-dopey]


After what they did do, why not? [:-boggled


Insanely enough I did open it, a meter base / panel combo. Other than rusty lugs and terminals (and a LOT of dirt-dobber nests) it didn't look that bad.


Absolutely. [:-graduat

Brian G.

Death Trap Inspector [:-skull]

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