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There goes the neighborhood...

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There goes the neighborhood?!?!.... I was unaware that you hung out here as well. That will make it twice as much fun.

You should have seen Kurt dancing the night away at the Inspection World Gala Finale.... No wait. Check out this link and you can download a 10 second video of the shady man behind the dark glasses. The dancing was straight out of 1983. It can be downloaded by going to... Due to threats from Chicago I have kindly removed the all too fab link to the dancin fool with the tough guy motto "I wear my sunglasses at night."

I can still be bribed on a personal level. Hot internet videos are always in demand!

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah

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The great Sufi master, Pir Vilayet, explained to me (yes, I have been in the presence of said master) that humans in a state of ecstasy always appear foolish. Since that time, I have never felt embarassed to appear foolish, as ecstasy is often hiding in the immediately adjacent shadows. [:-angel]

Michael, you [%|:-)]. So it wasn't enough to humiliate me in front of a large crowd; now you got to blow my cover here in cyberspace.[:-paperbag]. Oh, the pain........

For those that don't know Michael, he is my friend, he is an entirely engaging & wonderful human being, he is seemingly without ill will toward anyone or anything, & I am quite happy that he has found his way into O'Handleys joint. Welcome Michael.

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