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Another How Old Is It Question

Neal Lewis

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I'm thinking this Ducane/Excel Comfort Systems furnace is around 10 years old. The Excel Manufacturing Co phone number is disconnected. There was a phone message that the Ducane staff was out to lunch when I called. My photo of the Beckett burner is too blurry to read, and I couldn't get any definite info from the primary control or other components.

Do you think 10 years old is reasonable?

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Ducane uses two types of serial numbers.

Either of the following examples: 1234569827 or 4606A12345. The first has the year followed by the week in the last four digits of the serial number and the second has the week followed by the year in the first four digits of the serial number.

Not sure how that can help you with the serial number destroyed. I've blown up that second photo. I think the last four might be 0113 which would make it April of 2001 when it was manufactured.



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