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HI Artography - 3 Shots from Yesterday

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Wow indeed. From deadly gas range to deadly mountain range.

I wonder who thought "detroiter" was a catchy name for a stove?

Skillful tile work on that roof, BTW.

Folks forget Detroit used to be synonymous with positive connotations. When I was a real little kid, living on the east side, everyone had a job, everyone was happy.

Regarding tile, check out this action.

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No east side of Detroit. A long time ago.


I love that whole 101st St. and 95th St. Bridge(s) area. Love it. I've done a couple paintings from scenes down there. One time, the bridge tender saw me and invited me up into the control tower to take a look and tour the mechanicals.

St. Michaels at (I think) 89th is a mind blower too; grand old church.

On Michigan trips, I often go that route to go "under the bridge" to beat the $3 toll. It dumps you out at Indianapolis Ave., and only adds about 5 minutes to the ride.

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Where are the streets?

I think it was Les who once commented on Kurt's height. Must turn a lot of heads among Chinese.


You'd be surprised, but there's dozens of streets in there. They're about 10' wide, and the eaves hang out over them. Remember, old town, everyone walked, it's China and land is precious.

The town was designed in the 8th or 9th century to utilize a couple glacial melt streams that run in front of everyone's "house", so it's all twisty and turny. Everyone had running water, so to speak. Doubtless, being 900AD, the streams were used both for sanitation and domestic.

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