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Cruel and unusual punishment...

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It's been at least six weeks now!

Unfortunately, I know the photo so well I have given names to Chad's various nose hairs (Eric, Ethel and Fred if you must know). How much longer do we have to endure this horrific guardian of the TIJ portal? This tragically formed gatekeeper? This denizen from...well, you get the idea!

It has to be time for a change! Is there not an inspector we can feature whose picture doesn't cause Dudley, my dog, to run howling from the room?

I believe the Elephant Man did crawl spaces. It would be a vast improvement.


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Okay, I see we did something about this, but why is there a photo of some insurance salesman on the home page now? [:-dev3]

And honestly Mike, if you're gonna put a guys picture up there you shouldn't use one from right after some clown shook baby powder in the guys hair. What's up wit dat? [:-eyebrow

Is it too late to get Sharon Stone? [-crzwom]

Brian G.

Out of the Frying Pan...

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Put some Rose colored glasses on that guy and he'd be a dead ringer for John Conlee!

Seriously though, you new guys and a lot of you old dawgs need to visit his site and see what real copy writing is all about.

MC, if you wrote the latest copy for your website, you missed your calling as a Marketing Guru!

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