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Can't see a neutral bus bond here, can you?

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I didn't find any instructions for a "bond screw when used" on the label and didn't find a strap or bar. Maybe I'm just tired but I've studied it over and over and I just don't see where it's bonded to the enclosure - does anyone here?

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It's too blurry to tell but when I've seen that type of strap bonding the bus bars together (at the bottom) I've always found the green bonding screw a couple of holes down from the top of one bus bar or the other. Of course, sometimes there's just the hole with no screw in it.

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Is that a 4 wire feed? If so it should not be bonded.

If it is a 4 wire feeder there look to be neutrals on the left bus along with the jumper between the buses.

Looks like a typical 3-wire feed with an electrode grounding conductor going downward.


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