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Costco's "World's Greatest Multi-Use Ladder"

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I don't understand all the excitement over Little Giant. I bought one when I first got started in business and it's too heavy and cumbersome to open/close. Marc

I bought my Little Giant in 1989 and have used it for the last 6,000+ inspections. I don't know if I would call it excitement, but I can open and extend it in my sleep. Day I think it's too heavy is the day I retire.

Marc...on a side note, keep the tie. I wore one the first few thousand jobs, and got quite the reputation ("Oh, the guy with the tie..."). I did get lazy and don't wear one anymore, but not one regret about being the only guy in town with class (?) enough to dress that way.

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Ah Phillip, you gotta stop chasing them and make them want to chase you.

Don't ask me how you do that. I tried but never succeeded at it.

Hope the inspections pick up soon for you!



I have a few chasing me. The type that want me to take care of them for the rest of their life. For some reason they thing HI make a bunch of money.

I am chasing the ones that can take care of me.

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