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A little help please.

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Bad washers in the tub faucet?

One of those tempering valves at the tub not working right?

Seems not so long ago where the water heater was turned off, turning on another valve elsewhere allowed water to backflow through the tempering valve on the tub..

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As a matter of fact Erby, the water from the tub faucet in the upper bathroom did not get "hot" at all. I told my client that something was wrong with the valve. The lower level tub faucet was the one "dripping" when the kitchen sink was running. New fixtures all the way around. New water heater as well.

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The only way water comes through a closed valve is if the packing is toast (it's a new valve so the cartridge is bad, can't put em in backwards). If it holds water at static pressure but leaks when another tap is opened then there is a faulty mixing valve backfeeding the distribution piping. The mixing valve could be at the leaky fixture, but I bet not.

You're right though, a good plumber would have figured that out and fixed it.

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