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sump pump discharge into drain line


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I found a sump pump discharging into the drain under the kitchen sink overhead. I'm not sure if you should do this at all, but if it's allowed shouldn't there at least be a check valve installed? True basements are extremely rare around here so I've never seen anyone do this before. Typically any sump pump I see in a crawlspace is piped separately so it discharges on the ground outside.

So is this method Kosher or not?

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The city of Lexington, KY dislikes sump pumps adding extra, unneeded water to the sanitary sewer system so much that it offers to pay the cost of redirecting the sump pump discharge.


Adds millions of gallons of water that don't need treatment to an already overloaded treatment system.

I've heard several other cities are trying the same thing to reduce the cost of their sewer treatment.

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