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Perimeter foundation added. Footings below replacement piers. Only problem is that the house wasn't leveled first. All the floors were lumpy and tilted. Is it ever done that way so as to not mess up remodel work inside that was done on the out of level floors?

That crib wall has yuck board on its exterior only. Seems like there should be real plywood applied to the interior side?

In some places the top plates are not overlapped nor their joints supported by a stud. That can't be good?

Nice whack in the joist for the plumbing.

And there was dirt piled onto the tops of most of the beams?

Other than that the guys did a nice job.

Oh, and the sub floor was rotted bad below the kitchen sink.

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That is an interesting concept - build it crooked so it fits? Yes, I think that has been done before. This is the 100 year old house with the canvas walls? It would have settled back into being straight again.

I would not recommend adding plywood to the inside, as this would hide the damage going on with that OSB.

I would recommend replacing the damaged OSB with new plywood, and adding studs and a top plate where needed. They need to stop the lower wall from getting wet by maybe keeping the gutters clean.

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