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New Allstate Commercial

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Hee Hee,

Just saw the new Allstate commercial where the 'meyhem' dude was "I'm your water heater and my temperature pressure relief valve has gone bad," and he rocketed up through the roof and landed on the curb.

Laughed so hard I cried.



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Great video!

Reminds me of a rocket acquired for a birthday. Filled with water you pumped it up with a little hand pump and presto! Same principle without the super-heated water. I believe it had a little parachute so I spent a-lot of time retrieving it from trees or having my father climb up on the roof. Funny how you could climb the 50 foot pine (great fun at the top a windy day) but weren't allowed on the roof.

They even have an acronym for it; BLEVE (boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion). Put that in your report.

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Yep, nice vids. Many don't realize how dangerous tempering with TP valves can be.

Take a look at this pic. Found it while browsing other related videos .

Click to Enlarge


This guys a real craftsman! Even his Vise Grips won't work without electrical tape. Definately Rube Goldberg.

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